Pound Lancaster, 50, admits this woman feared losing her sexual act appeal due to the menopause

TV speaker Penny Lancaster admits lady thought she would lose the ex sex appeal due to the peri menopause.

The Loose Women presenter and strategy, 50, who is married to help you Sir Rod Stewart, gave a talk about her experiences of an menopause alongside other renowns including colleague Nadia Sawalha, Olympian Michelle Griffith Brown, actress Julie Graham so make-up artist Ruby Sludge hammer.

The 5 various women spoke about their feedback as part of Hello! magazine’s campaign for the Perimenopause Work Pledge, in partnership with properly charity Wellbeing of Women, normally encourages companies to support or even staff going through the perimenopause.  

Let's talk: Penny Lancaster has spoken about her occurrences of the menopause alongside collectivist celebrities  Nadia Sawalha, Michelle Griffith Robinson, Julie Graham and Ruby Hammer

Let's communication: Penny Lancaster has discussed her experiences of the menopausal alongside fellow celebrities  Nadia Sawalha, Michelle Griffith Velupe, Julie Graham and Dark red Hammer

Let’s talk: Pound Lancaster has spoken about the experiences of the menopause down fellow celebrities  Nadia Sawalha, Michelle Griffith Robinson, Julie Graham and Ruby Sort

Cent said: ‘The menopause freaked me out at first. I thought, “This is the end that belong to the road. I’m not going to accept any more sex appeal, I’m also not going to be as lenient as forgiving.  

‘”I’ve got to say goodbye to the actual Penny and say greetings to the new one”‘.

‘But as you mature you embrace each action of your life with more maturity, as well as provide yourself a bit of a break. ‘ 

Penny aside from that took on eight simple of training during lockdown carry out special constable for the law and is now out patrolling the streets once a week.

Hello male babies: Penny found fame to get model before branching under TV presenting (pictured with 2003, aged 34)

Hello male babies: Penny found fame to get model before branching under TV presenting (pictured with 2003, aged 34)

Bonsoir boys: Penny found recognition as a model before branching into TV presenting (pictured here in 2003, aged 34)

Read all about it: The whole interview is available to read from your latest edition of Greetings!, out now

Read all about that it: The full interview is available to learn to read in the latest edition having to do with Hello!, out now

Looked over all about it: The full meet is available to read in the hottest edition of Hello!, information about now 

Julie Graham, 56, additionally feels menopause should be an  “empowering time” if female are “getting the proper focus and treatment”.

She added: ‘If get children, they’re older this means you have more time on your gloves. There’s also a theory that if you have definitely less oestrogen, you end up not ever giving a shit as much as a person used to! ‘

Fellow Loose Women high profile Nadia Sawalha, 56, popular she knew “absolutely nothing” about the menopause and already been convinced she had early-onset Alzheimer’s when she up and running experiencing symptoms at 45 of memory loss and as a consequence brain fog, as well as intense bleeding and night sweating.

‘Over days the symptoms became part of revealed to. My anxiety had become are known for I was’, she pointed out.

Olympic three pronged jumper Griffith Robinson, 45, said she is perimenopausal, the time scale shortly before the menopause, it is “taking it like an Olympian”.  

Loved up: The wife's comments of Sir Rod Stewart admitted the menopause freaked her out at first (pictured in 2021)

Loved up: Generally the wife of Sir Fly fishing rod Stewart admitted the perimenopause freaked her out originally (pictured in 2021)

Esteemed up: The wife in Sir Rod Stewart granted the menopause freaked your partner’s out at first (pictured inside of 2021)

She added: ‘I’m making myself armoured, I’m on training. I don’t hope to suffer in silence, I want to contain the journey and I also want to current that you need support’ 

Ruby Hammer, 59, stated: ‘I work in an industry explaining all about youth and trend. I’ve never hidden some age, and I talk about the very menopause because I think every woman should be aware. ‘ 

See the full article in Bonjour! magazine, out now.

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