Princess Beatrice’s daughter is a Virgo – what does her star sign mean for the tiny royal’s future?

Princess Beatrice welcomed a bouncing baby girl on Friday, but there might already be indications as to the sort of girl she will grow up to be, according to an astrologer.

The Queen’s granddaughter, 32,  gave birth to her first child with husband Edoardo Mapelli Mozzi on Saturday, Buckingham Palace has announced.

The latest royal baby, whose name is still to be revealed, was born weighing 6lbs 2oz at 11.42pm on Saturday at the Chelsea and Westminster Hospital, in London. 

Miss Mapelli Mozzi, who is 11th in line to the throne and the Queen’s 12th grandchild, is a Virgo, just like her mother’s cousin Prince Harry, 37, who was born on September 15. 

UK-based astrologers have used the details of the date, time and location of the baby’s birth to create a horoscope chart that could offer insights into the personality traits the baby royal might one day develop.  

The couple, who celebrated their one year wedding anniversary on July 17 and already parent Edo's son Wolfie, have just welcomed the first child they share together (Pictured at Wimbledon in July)

The couple, who celebrated their one year wedding anniversary on July 17 and already parent Edo's son Wolfie, have just welcomed the first child they share together (Pictured at Wimbledon in July)

The couple, who celebrated their one year wedding anniversary on July 17 and already parent Edo’s son Wolfie, have just welcomed the first child they share together (Pictured at Wimbledon in July)

Francesca Oddie revealed: ‘This new baby is a Virgo, organised, meticulous and excellent and ordering their world.

‘Add in some fire from Mars and we have an individual who is highly motivated to get their own way by using their charms.

‘The Moon in Pisces suggests a softhearted, kindhearted individual. Someone who will always be considerate of other people’s feelings.

‘Emphasised by the fact that the baby is Rising Cancer, a sign ruled by the Moon and concerned with all things family, togetherness, home and cuddles. This is the chart of someone super sensitive who is highly attuned to the people around them.

Meanwhile the astrologer said baby Mozzi would likely have a close bond with her grandfather Prince Andrew (pictured)

Meanwhile the astrologer said baby Mozzi would likely have a close bond with her grandfather Prince Andrew (pictured)

Meanwhile the astrologer said baby Mozzi would likely have a close bond with her grandfather Prince Andrew (pictured) 

‘However, probably an optimist too. The chart of someone who loves to travel, explore and meet people from different cultures. Perhaps even moving to live abroad when she is about 8 years old, either that or moving into a much bigger home.’

Meanwhile the astrologer said baby Mozzi would likely have a close bond with her grandfather.

She added: ‘Also, as Beatrice’s father Prince Andrew is a Pisces, there will be a strong connection between grandfather and granddaughter. If we were going to be more cynical we could refer to this as boundary issues!’

Meanwhile Francesca predicted the baby would get along with Prince William’s children.

She said: ‘With a chart this soft, she will probably connect very well with Prince George as he is a soft hearted Cancerian with Venus in Virgo. Venus is the sign of love, she depicts what we value, so there would be a natural understanding between these relatives. 

‘As the eldest siblings, they will naturally both feel a certain level of responsibility and be attuned to the needs of those around them.

Princess Charlotte and this baby may appear very similar as she too is Rising Cancer with Pisces at the top of her chart, she too exhibits a sensitivity that indicates her vocation will be in the care taking or charitable sector. Both girls have a competitive Sun Mars conjunction and a certain intellectual sharpness.

Will Beatrice and Edo name their daughter Sarah after granny Fergie? Name tops bookies’ list

Bookies have revealed that Sarah is a likely contender for the name of Princess Beatrice and her husband Edoardo’s newborn baby daughter – in tribute to the Duchess of York.  

Anna and Emily follow close behind, while Mary and Edith are also in the running. 

Sarah: 8/1

Anna: 10/1

Emily: 10/1

Mary: 11/1

Edith: 12/1

Maria: 12/1

Fiona: 14/1

Laura: 14/1

 Rosa: 14/1

Victoria: 16/1

Grace: 18/1

Sofia: 20/1

Eugenie: 25/1

Isabella: 25/1

Nicola: 33/1


Betfair spokesperson Sam Rosbottom commented: ‘Royal Family fans will be delighted to hear the news that not long after sister Eugenie gave birth, Beatrice has welcomed her first child to the world, a bouncing baby girl – and Sarah is the early 8/1 favourite, a nod to her mother Sarah the Duchess of York.

‘We are tipping the happy couple to have an Italian flavour with their choice of name, with Edoardo’s father hailing from Bergamo.’

‘The likes of Anna at 10/1 second favourite, Maria at 12/1 and Rosa at 14/1 suggest they could break from traditional British names usually favoured by the Royal Family. 



‘Prince Louis is a little more wild! Slightly unconventional, a bit more like Uncle Harry. There wouldn’t be a huge connection between this baby and him.’

She continued: ‘Princess Lillibet would probably boss this new baby around a little bit, but the two girls will understand each other as they share the same rebellious independent Saturn in Aquarius. 

‘The royal babies born in 2021 will want to show the world that they think for themselves and are different to their predecessors.

‘Whereas Archie is probably more smitten with the establishment and will feel very connected to his roots.’

And astrologer and Psychic for Psychic World Inbaal agreed, adding: ‘As first born, she will be expected to be mature before her time – which will be natural for her, as her Sun is in Virgo, which is an organised, level headed and grown-up sign, even as a child.

‘The nation will look to her for rulership, compassion and humanitarianism, which her chart shows in abundance,’ she added. 

Inball revealed the main personality traits associated with the Virgo sign, saying: ‘Virgos are the most logical of all signs. Calculated, focused and industrious, this little baby will learn well and learn fast.

‘She will be keen to take her place at the grown-ups table, and will be wise beyond her years, advancing well ahead of her peers intellectually,’ she said.  

‘Such qualities will no doubt make her a prominent part of the Royal family, growing into a matriarchal figure amongst the following generations.

‘Strong and independent, as a Virgo, later in life, she will love being single, with no one interfering with her passions and decisions,’ she added. 

The fact Beatrice’s child was born with a Cancer ascendant is also significant, Inbaal said.  

‘Your ascendant (aka rising) is how you present yourself to others and how you are perceived,’ she explained. 

‘When the new Royal baby was born, the horizon was in the sign of Cancer, which shows her as a loving, compassionate homebody who will bond instantly with all those she meets. 

‘She’ll remain close to her family, aiming to have a strong relationship with all members, not matter what tensions arise and will always put others needs before herself,’ she added. 

The expert added that the royal baby is likely to be an ‘underdog’ in spite of her privilege upbringing.  

‘Humanitarian Aquarius is her moon sign, which reflects her sense of self and emotions. She will always side with the underdog and will understand oppression even though she’s brought up privileged,’ Inbaal said. 



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