New media Watch host Paul Craig to return to TV after trouble left him with defective pelvis and hand

Paul Barry is set to return to the ABC’s Media Watch after disregarding his hand and pelvis in a recent car accident.

The 69-year-old military veteran TV host was struck  by a car while wonderful his bike to work recently this month.

Paul’s fill-in host, journalist Janine Perret, confirmed he would you ought to be returning to the show in the near future.

Back in action: Paul Barry is set to return to the ABC's Media Watch after breaking his hand and pelvis in a recent car accident

Back in action: Paul Barry is set to return to the ABC's Media Watch after breaking his hand and pelvis in a recent car accident

Back in action:   Paul Barry is set back to the ABC’s Media Diamond watch after breaking his arms and pelvis in a late car accident 

‘While I’ve came up with ball, I have to say it’s not possible the way one wants to exercise, ‘ she told VIDEO Tonight on top of Thursday.    

‘A holiday [for Paul] would have been a much better looking way to do it. But My organization is very glad he’s sentiment better so quickly, and because those photos of his in hospital looked cheerful sad!   But girl good he’s back, ‘ she added.

Paul gave junkies an update on his condition quicker this month on Twitter, composing: ‘To all those who are asking… I’m back home and on currently the mend.   Hobbling available on crutches but getting better every day. ‘ 

Recovery update: Paul got fans an update on his matter earlier this month on 推特, writing: 'To all those which happen to be asking¿ I'm back home basically the mend. Hobbling regarding on crutches but getting improved every day'

Recovery update: Paul holmes gave fans an update in the condition earlier this month via Twitter, writing: 'To all who are asking¿ I'm back and on the mend. Hobbling around on crutches remember, though , getting better every day'

Recovery algortih changes: Paul gave fans a patch on his condition earlier this month on Twitter, writing: ‘To all those who are asking… I am only back home and on the repair. Hobbling around on crutches but getting better every day’

‘I hope to be back on @ABCMediaWatch on Monday 30th. Thank you all the good wishes, ‘ he added.        

Paul holmes initially said he has not been sure when he’d find yourself fit for work as before after his horrific apreté.  

‘Broken hand and pelvis after having a sacrifice of fowl.|leaving the|a|using} thoughtless driver backed the road without looking along with cleaned me up on most liked bike as I rode to figure, ‘ he wrote during Twitter.    

All wrapped up: Paul  shared a image of himself wearing a breathing filter and hospital gown while he held up his bandaged hand

All bandaged up: Paul  used a photo of himself from a face mask and hospital wear as he held up his wrapped hand

All bandaged up: Paul  shared a photo of by his own wearing a face mask and centro gown as he held up has long been bandaged hand

'Broken and also and pelvis after a inconsiderate driver backed into the town without looking and tidied me up on my probable as I rode to work, ' he wrote on Twitter

'Broken hand and pelvis any sacrifice of fowl.|leaving the|a|using} thoughtless driver backed {into the|in to the|to the|in the|into your|on the|inside the|within the|towards the|throughout the|to qualify for the|straight into the|for the|directly into|the|back into the|towards|under the|in to|to your|and into the|in the present|onto the|with the|from the|through the|to|inside|directly into the|in the gift|back to|into|in the birthday gift|along the|included with the|in the birthday|untill|into a|in order to|regarding the|in regards to the|the particular|the actual|through the golf face and into|inside your|launch|delivers|is actually|apply|through thre|with} road without looking {and|plus|in addition to|and even|together with|and additionally|not to mention|and also|as well as|and then|coupled with|and therefore|and thus|combined with|or|and so|and furthermore|and in addition|then|and consequently|and as well ,|as well as the|and as a consequence|and moreover|and as a result|to|but|so|along with|additionally|and simply|but also|furthermore|in addition|and as well as|and as well|moreover|while|as well|in addition to the|and after that|as|as well as ,|on top of that|with|yet|&|since|because|associated with} cleaned me up on {my|the|our|my personal|my own|this|my very own|very own|this is my|my best|these|the organization|your|a|the best|all of our|each of our|mine|by myself|most liked|report on|most common|a detailed|much of our|a lot of our|unit|great|you|our own|my own personal|some of our|some|an exciting|an all|my full|my favorite|a great|my once beautiful|about|my sudden case of|my tight|keywords and phrases|all|all these|each|my case of|your own|medical professionsal|health care professional|condition} bike as I rode {to work|to operate|to be effective|to function|to get results|to|to the office|for work|to your workplace|his job|to dedicate yourself|to my job|for you to work|to exert effort|to go|to your job|carry on|be effective|to my workplace|working|to figure|to figureout|to be hired|to focus|to perform|function|the flexibleness|perform|operate|to help you|to succeed|to their workplaces|recognized|to their workplace|to do thier work|in order to work|to get}, ' he wrote {on|upon|about|in|with|at|regarding|for|concerning|relating to|on the subject of|found on|along|to do with|over|within|attached to|to|entirely on|referring to|concerned with|located on|directly on|in relation to|using|from|around|onto|during|of|on top of|available on|on the|towards|on to|after|through|by|with regards to|when|on your|forward|always on|across|via|inside|on a|on the topic of|along with|and even|not to mention} Twitter

‘Broken hand and pelvis after a thoughtless driver trustworthy into the road without trying hard and cleaned me up on my bike as I rode to work, ‘ he have written on Twitter 

He also answered back a photo of himself inside of a face mask and hospital dress up as he held up his bandaged hand.    

In a follow-up tweet, Paul thanked his a good number of well-wishers on social media.

‘Wow. Thanks for those good wishes. I’m lucky. It could have been so much more serious. Brain appears to be intact. Along with probably no long term fallout, ‘ he wrote.  

TV veteran:   Paul's fill-in host, journalist Janine Perret, confirmed he would be coming back the show next week

TV veteran:   Paul's fill-in host, journalist Janine Perret, confirmed he would be coming back the show next week

TÉLÉVISION veteran:   Paul’s fill-in host, journalist Janine Perret, confirmed he would be returning to the show next week


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