Fox cub spends five hours stuck in a concrete block

A poor fox cub spent five hours with his head stuck in a concrete garden trap after he tried to get to a piece of cake.

Wendy Bradmore and Keith Collins found the stricken canine in what appeared a large concrete mosquito trap in their garden in Littlehampton, West Sussex.

The female fox managed to dislodge a metal part inside the trap and pushed her head inside but got stuck.

The couple called the RSPCA to help rescue the fox as it was distressed and struggling to breathe

The couple called the RSPCA to help rescue the fox as it was distressed and struggling to breathe

The couple called the RSPCA to help rescue the fox as it was distressed and struggling to breathe

It is thought the fox was trying to get to a piece of cake at the bottom of the trap when its head got wedged in the gap in the concrete.

Ms Bradmore said she did not even know this contraption was in their garden until the couple found the animal’s body hanging out of it.

They called the RSPCA to help rescue the fox as it was distressed and struggling to breathe.

Ms Bradmore said: ‘We came downstairs at around 7am and spotted the silly little fox with her head well and truly stuck.

‘She appeared to be wedged in a big chunk of concrete but Keith explained that it was an old mosquito trap made out of concrete with a hole in the middle which was used to attract the bugs and trap them inside.

‘It seems she’d dislodged the metal part that sat inside and pushed her head inside but got stuck.

‘I didn’t even know this thing was in the garden and it was really upsetting to see her stuck there, distressed and struggling to breathe.

‘We tried to give her some water but she was incredibly frightened so we called the experts for help.’

The couple called the RSPCA’s emergency line and an inspector from the animal charity as well as a fire crew came out to help free the fox by breaking open the block.

Inspector Kate Barnes said: ‘We found a small piece of cake at the bottom of the gap so we think she followed her nose in there for a snack and bit off more than she could chew.

‘The concrete was very thick and strong so I called for assistance from West Sussex Fire & Rescue Service’s technical rescue team.

Ms Bradmore said she has seen a female fox in their garden many times

Ms Bradmore said she has seen a female fox in their garden many times

Ms Bradmore said she has seen a female fox in their garden many times

‘They managed to break the concrete using spreaders but had to be incredibly careful not to injure the little fox in the process. We popped her in a cage and checked her over but, thankfully, she didn’t appear to have any injuries from her ordeal.

‘It’s always a last resort taking a fox – especially a youngster – away from their home and family so I decided she was well enough to release in the garden so she could find her way back to her den and recover in the comfort of her own home. Hopefully next time she’ll think before she follows her nose – or her stomach.’

Ms Bradmore said she has seen a female fox in their garden many times.

She added: ‘We have a young fox who visits our garden quite often and we’ve even seen her playing with our dog’s toys on the lawn, it’s adorable.

‘Keith heard a noise in the garden last night at around 2am so we wonder if that’s when she became stuck. She must have been so thirsty after being stuck like that for more than five hours – poor little thing.

‘I’m so pleased that the RSPCA and fire service were able to free her and release her back into the wild and I’m really grateful for their speedy response. We hope Mrs Fox will come back to see us again but hopefully it won’t be such a dramatic visit next time.’

Anyone who spots a wild animal that is trapped, sick or injured should keep their distance and monitor the situation before calling the RSPCA on 0300 1234 999.



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