Louise Thompson reveals she is expecting a baby with fiancé Ryan Libbey

Louise Thompson is expecting a baby  with her fiancé Ryan Libbey.

The former Made In Chelsea star, 31, developed a heartfelt announcement just where she revealed she made reached the 12 time mark of her being pregnant on Tuesday.

Louise told her followers that the new journey so far has been ‘challenging’, after previously suffering per miscarriage last year.

Baby joy! Louise Thompson is expecting a baby with her fiancé Ryan Libbey

Baby joy! Louise Thompson is expecting a baby with her fiancé Ryan Libbey

Baby joy!   Louise Thompson is expecting a baby with her fiancé Ryan Libbey

Alongside tearful pictures, the fitness guru, published: ‘Counting our blessings. I thought I’d have all sorts of creative techniques to deliver this information but the truth is top quality 12 weeks have been especially challenging.  

‘Unlike last time, Johnson and I haven’t documented personal journey at all. I’ve not really taken any pictures to videos for fear the fact something might happen. We’ve also felt like ASS.  

‘I never ever knew that fatigue on the other hand ‘flatness’ like this existed into pregnancy. There are 0 before and after snaps, no week to actually week transformations or pleasure reveal videos with friends and family directing a trail of buttocks to an oven, instead a contact drawer filled with 10000000x tera- gazillion pregnancy tests (shameless and expensive) and some information conversations where we don’t get too excited.  

Tearful: The former Made In Chelsea star, 31, penned a heartfelt announcement where she revealed she had reached the 12 week mark of her pregnancy on Tuesday

Tearful: The former Made In Chelsea star, 31, penned a heartfelt announcement where she revealed she had reached the 12 week mark of her pregnancy on Tuesday

Tearful:   The former Made In Chelsea star, 28, penned a heartfelt story where she revealed she or he had reached the 11 week mark of the actual pregnancy on Tuesday

‘I’d you ought to be lying if I said it’s been an easy ride but the truth is In my opinion , poor Ryan has found this item even harder than People.

‘I’m especially lucky to have such a subtle partner and I feel keep in your mind that you are going to be the best papa in the world.

‘Now we’ve reached this hopeful milestone. I  am surely pleased to be able to share most lovely news with you all.  

‘I consider to relax a smidge also to be able to enjoy the journey as a I’m informed it will be in a flash.  

‘The truth is I would have waited a little for a longer time to share but I don’t even think I could have hidden good news for much longer because there is basically ZERO room left you are likely to 5ft short torso for your growing bump except to develop MASSIVELY outwards which means genuinely becoming very hard to hide… Herbal bud already received a few criticism.  

‘I already resemble a wide stuff vehicle (Ryan’s words not really mine and incidentally exactly the kind of humour I need to pick up me through the next some months).

‘Now that it’s out in the responsive I’d love to be able to inquire about your advice when I crave it as there are so many things happening to my body that NO ONE REFERENCES.

‘Hormones are a definite thing of absolute mayhem and pregnancy coupled with ulcerative colitis has been a major killjoy and particularly anxiety inducting.  

‘Who’s experienced it? I’ve for ages been a firm believer that women are almost always superhuman for what they put with and now I have even more excuse to stand by that. L& R ❤️ 

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