The shocking photo that proves why you should ALWAYS soak your vacuum hose

An Australian woman has shown how important it is to clean a part of the vacuum that most users never consider – the hose.

Posting to the Mums Who Clean group on Facebook, Faith said the hose should be detached and cleaned to remove the filth lurking inside unseen.

An image of the hose soaking in a bathtub showed how dirty it can become over time.

‘This made me feel so sick when I soaked it,’ she wrote on the Facebook page. 

Australian mum Faith prompted others to detach and wash the vacuum hose to remove the filth lurking inside

Australian mum Faith prompted others to detach and wash the vacuum hose to remove the filth lurking inside

Australian mum Faith prompted others to detach and wash the vacuum hose to remove the filth lurking inside 

Experts have warned that a dirty vacuum hose can reduce the the suction power of the machine, and create an odour.

To clean the hose, first detach it from the vacuum (referring to the product’s instruction manual if needed), then remove any visible clumps of material within and rinse it out before leaving it to soak in warm water in a bath or tub.

Allow the hose to soak for 30 minutes before leaving it to dry thoroughly. 

After material moves to the end of the hose, objects like a bottle-cleaning brush can be used to clean inside the hose. 

Others users of the Facebook group were surprised by how much dirt can accumulate in the hose.

‘OMG I’ve never done mine, I hate to think what’s in there,’ one woman wrote.

‘Doing this tomorrow,’ another said. 

How to clean the vacuum hose:  

1. Detach the hose

2. Unclog and remove clumps

3. Wash the hose out

4. Use a bottle cleaning brush to remove grime

5. Rinse the inside of the hose

6. Leave to soak in the bath for 30 minute s

7. Hang to dry

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