LOOK AT THE TOWN: Ellie on road at stardom… or scrapheap

Ellie  Bamber has already made it big in just TV by starring when it comes to BBC dramas The Tortue, The Trial of Christine Keeler and Les Miserables, but she’s yet to post her first big blockbuster pay cheque it seems : as you can tell from her van!  

Unquestionably the 24-year-old has been pictured drivers what I would call this beaten-up, second-hand BMW banger, above, which is even more aged than she is.  

She might prefer the moniker ‘classic’.

TV star Ellie Bamber, 24, pictured, was wearing an oversize fine knit cardigan and carrying a Chanel rucksack while out and about in north London earlier this week

TV star Ellie Bamber, 24, pictured, was wearing an oversize fine knit cardigan and carrying a Chanel rucksack while out and about in north London earlier this week

TV high profile Ellie Bamber, 24, pictured, was wearing an oversized fine knit cardigan additionally carrying a Chanel rucksack while out and about in london earlier this week

The star, pictured in her 30-year-old BMW convertible might be able to upgrade her 3-series now she is on the Disney payroll

The star, pictured in her 30-year-old BMW convertible might be able to upgrade her 3-series now she is on the Disney payroll

The star, pictured all over her 30-year-old BMW changeable might be able to upgrade her 3-series now she is on the Disney payroll

Not only that, but she was initially pictured in North London, from a tired-looking dressing-gown style in a that doesn’t exactly scream ‘Hollywood megastar in the making’.  

Yet that has become precisely what she is, as beyonce starts filming Lucasfilm’s special fantasy blockbuster series Willow next week and will soon turn out to be raking it in, so now she’s on the Disney salaries.

Expect per upgrade from the 30-year-old AS BMW HYBRID 3 Series soon…

Isabella’s famous survive words 

At the emotional climax of the classic film Casablanca, Humphrey Bogart tells Ingrid Bergman: ‘We’ll always have Paris’, before this special characters part ways for ever. And now the actress’s modest, Isabella Rossellini, has said goodbye to her lockdown lover in exactly the same way.

Isabella has been enjoying a pandemic romance – her original for 20 years – in a mystery man, but often times though has ended things now lockdown is over.

‘I didn’t expect that located at 68 you can have a fling as soon as 20 years, ’ says New-York based Rossellini, whose exes include Gary Oldman on top of that Martin Scorsese. ‘I think it was very pleasant and quite surprising.

‘We were caught in my family in those early a few months and now he’s gone back on your West Coast, where he lifestyle. So I always quote, Casablanca-style, to this man, “We’ll also have Covid. ” ’

My Lips tend to be sealed, but…

Which famously hot British TV drama famous person has taken a hunky scorrettamente lover?  

The pair participate in languorous weekdays together at only a smart postcode in Eastern side London, but at the wednesday the A-list actor profits to the family home 75 countless away… where his a superb lives blissfully unaware clientele baby!  

Link hienalouca.com

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