Sonia Kruger on her romance who have Seven News executive Craig McPherson

Sonia Kruger has admitted him relationship with long-term partner  Craig McPherson wasn’t wherever love at first sight.

The  Big Brother host,   55, began dating it executive in 2008 as soon as both worked at Nine, and they are now parents within six-year-old daughter Maggie.

Sonia told I would say the Anj, Rob & Robbo Show   inside Monday she and  Craig used to have many heated reasons when he was her superior on current affairs sitcom Today Tonight, several years just before they got together romantically.

Rocky vehicle to love: Sonia Kruger produces admitted her relationship while using long-term partner Craig McPherson wasn't exactly love earlier sight

Rocky road to love: Sonia Kruger has admitted your partner's relationship with long-term sweetheart Craig McPherson wasn't absolutely love at first sight

Rugged road to love: Sonia Kruger has admitted her the relationship with long-term partner Craig McPherson wasn’t exactly take delight in at first sight

She revealed there was sole occasion when  Craig berated her over the phone and because Nine’s rival news product A Current Affair had got wind of a story she offers chasing about former Pass up Universe Jennifer Hawkins.

‘So, I remember making use of fight with Craig. I was reporting a story. I was in New jersey doing a story with Jennifer Hawkins and Donald Overcome, of all people, ‘ your lady said.  

‘And I was filing them story at three o’clock in the morning. And for some justification, A Current Affair had gas of the fact that we were there, doing this process story, and so for some reason, this has filtered back to Craig and I was on the phone, and he reported something to me along the lines of, ‘Well, why don’t you feed it directly to Channel Nine, Sonia? ”

Office romance: The Big Brother execute, 55, began dating series executive in 2008 the moment both worked at Eleven, and they are now parents up to six-year-old daughter Maggie (pictured)

Office romance: The Big Brother execute, 55, began dating series executive in 2008 the moment both worked at Eleven, and they are now parents up to six-year-old daughter Maggie (pictured)

Office romance: The Big Good friend host, 55, began seeing the TV executive in 2008 when they both worked here at Seven, and they are now mum to six-year-old daughter Maggie (pictured)

But she got to seek out another side to Craig years later, after she’d left  Today Tonight furthermore was hosting reality provide Dancing with the Stars.

Sonia revealed her former owner – who is now Seven’s head of news and power affairs – had provided to her when her papa was very ill having hospital.

‘He’d obviously heard about it, and he sent me a very range message, ‘ she assumed.   ‘And so from there, we started talking and reconnected. ‘

Heated: Sonia had to talk about she and Craig had many heated arguments if he was her boss on the current affairs show Appropriate Tonight

Heated: Sonia said the wife and Craig used to have lots heated arguments when he got her boss on gift affairs show Today Tonight

Heated: Sonia said mother and Craig used to have the majority of heated arguments when he seemed to be her boss on ac affairs show Today At some point

Sonia said it was initially ‘strange’ dating Craig after featuring previously known him since straight-talking boss at Proper Tonight.

Your lover explained: ‘So it was exceptionally after I’d finished handling him that our relationship away. And it’s strange because we could polar opposites, too. My corporation is very showbiz and he has very news. But I like to think we complement family. ‘

Sonia and Craig welcomed most of the daughter, Maggie, in 2015, via IVF and an ovum donor when she was in fact 49.   Craig has  six children from a last relationship.

How things began: Still , she got to know every other side to Craig extended later, after she'd left behind Today Tonight and got hosting reality show In case with the Stars

How things moving: But she got to take into consideration another side to Craig years later, after she would left Today Tonight furthermore was hosting reality event Dancing with the Stars

The way in which things began: But your sweetheart got to know another outside to Craig years when necessary, after she’d left At present Tonight and was web page reality show Dancing with the Stars


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