Explosion and fire reported at paint factory in Columbus Ohio

Firefighters are battling a blaze at a paint factory in Columbus, Ohio, following reports of an explosion.

The fire broke out shortly after midnight at Yenkin-Majestic Paints, NBC4 reports.

It is not currently known whether anyone was injured.  

Stewart Smith tweeted: ‘Not sure what that was, but about 10 mins ago, there was what felt like large explosion on the east side of Columbus. (West of Airport/I-670 area). Powerful enough to shake my whole house Large smoke column seen west of me, multiple sirens can be heard. Not good.’ 

Brett Lawrence added: ‘It was all over the city, I think. I’m in central Columbus, by fairgrounds. We heard a “muffled” explosion-like sound and whole house shook, windows rattled. All the neighbors came out of their houses, our dog ran upstairs to see what was happening, etc.’

Another Columbus resident tweeted: ‘Anyone on the east side of Columbus hear that explosion?! Shook our whole house. I’m in Reynoldsburg near Mount Carmel East. It was incredible!’

This is a developing story

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