Calu Rivero – Latin Beauty: An actress and model with a unique charm.

I bring you another beautiful woman from Argentina that is part as some others emerged at the time of television series of that country that have crossed our Latin American continent, television series aimed at teenage audiences, and that leaving there follow their careers or as singers or models among others, and of course they are not just any woman her beauty and talent stands out, and she is one of those beauties as those I have already published previously let’s know her more and welcome:

Carla Soledad Rivero, better known as Calu Rivero, (Recreo, Catamarca, 5 April 1987) is an Argentine actress, advertising model and host. She made her debut in the soap opera Son de Fierro and gained popularity among teenage audiences for her roles in series such as Patito feo and Casi ángeles, and later reached a more adult audience with characters in telenovelas such as Alguien que me quiera, El elegido and Dulce amor. She is currently working in the Channel 13 series “Mis amigos de siempre”.

Carla María Soledad Rivero was born on 5 April 1987 in the city of Recreo, province of Catamarca, Argentina.3 She lived there until the age of 6, when she moved with her family to the province of Córdoba.

Her nickname “Calu” was given to her by her older sister, because of a character in the Chilean soap opera “Tic tac tac”, called Kalú.

In 2012, she participated in Dulce amor, produced by Quique Estevanez and broadcast by Telefe, playing one of the Bandi sisters. In November of that year, she shot the film Tesis sobre un homicidio in Spain and Argentina, starring alongside actors Ricardo Darón, Arturo Puig and Alberto Ammann. The actress received mostly negative reviews about her participation in the film. Alexis Puig, from 24 x segundo, commented that she appears “close to the soap opera register”; Luciano Frangi, from La Voz Joven, said that she lacks credibility; while Fernando Iannantuono, from Cine Crítico, said that her participation, along with the other female members of the cast, were “the poorest characterisations in the film”.

Since the end of 2013, she has been part of the Canal 13 series, Mis amigos de siempre, playing the role of Tania, a girl who comes from Rosario to try her luck in Buenos Aires. She stars in the series with Nicolás Cabré, Emilia Attias, Gonzalo Heredia, Agustina Cherri and Nicolás Vázquez.

She is vegan and is the image of a cruelty-free clothing brand. She is also participating in campaigns against animal abuse.

























We have more of the Argentine beauties and here another group of photos showing this beauty I hope you like it.

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