Wife shares heartbreaking reason she decided to stay married to her unfaithful husband

A devastated woman has shared the heartbreaking reason she decided to stay with her husband after discovering he secretly cheated on her with a bartender.

The working mother – who juggles up to three jobs – shared her story on an Australian blog about how she reacted to the infidelity that still haunted her two years since the father of her three kids slept with another woman.

‘I noticed some missed calls and random text from this girl and she started liking anything he would post on Facebook,’ the wife explained.

‘I finally saw the text that she wanted to be “the only woman in his life” and would make a better mother to his children… I confronted him and he confessed.’

A devastated woman has shared the heartbreaking reason she decided to stay with her husband after discovering he secretly cheated on her with a bartender (stock image)

A devastated woman has shared the heartbreaking reason she decided to stay with her husband after discovering he secretly cheated on her with a bartender (stock image)

A devastated woman has shared the heartbreaking reason she decided to stay with her husband after discovering he secretly cheated on her with a bartender (stock image)


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She was told he was having an affair with the bartender whom he met at a bar where he would visit with his friends.

‘But come to find out I wasn’t told the full story,’ the woman said.

‘They had had sex multiple times, even spending money we didn’t have for hotel rooms, all of his friends knew, and would even video chat with our younger kids in the car – like my son would talk to this women on video chat.’

Her husband convinced her he was no longer seeing the other woman.

‘But I find out he reached out to her a few months later to wish her a happy birthday, and just chat as friends,’ she said. 

‘While discovering all the info about the bartender I find other times he would be hanging with his friends and had some kind of sexual relationship with strange women while his friends covered for him.’

Signs of a serial cheater

* They are harder to detect because they have mastered their craft

* They go out of their way to tell you that their ex was insecure and that they have friends of the opposite sex

* They get defensive when you ask about their night

* They will confess their undying love for you and in the same breath suggest you get help as you are ruining the relationship with your insecurities


Signs of a once off cheater

* They will tell you they love you a lot more but not show it

* They will have moments of guilt and buy you unexpected gifts

* They will take you to nice places but the conversation is stifled

* They put uncharacteristic distance down to being ‘stressed at work’

* They daydream a lot



The heartbroken woman – who has ‘always been a very strong person’ – said she decided stay with her unfaithful husband for the sake of their kids but she’s still struggling with the affair two years later.

‘He doesn’t want counseling but wants to work things out, I am still here for our children and we just act like it never happened but all trust is gone,’ she explained.

‘We have had many long nights talking about what happened, and how I feel about it and how he said “it was a stupid mistake” on his part, that he didn’t think I loved him… but it broke me.

‘I think what gets me more is I feel like he got to have his cake and eat it too. He didn’t lose anything, he wasn’t hurt in any of this, and what have I done to keep it from happening again? 

‘I almost feel like some much time has passed I can’t bring it up anymore or keep talking about it, but for me it still feels like this just happened… I have no way to bring up my feelings without sounding like the nagging wife.’

She asked the internet for advice on what she should do as her husband ‘hates’ marriage counselling, saying: ‘How do you stay with someone you love but no longer like? I don’t want to sc**w my kids up, but what am I doing to myself?’ 

One woman urged the mother ‘not to sweep this under the rug’.

‘I’m six months in since my hubby discovered my affairs and I have so many regrets about how I handled things,’ she confessed.

‘You need to get to the bottom of this and get full disclosure from your husband. There will be no secrets. You absolutely need to go to marriage counseling. You both need to do some deep soul searching so you don’t hurt each other again.’

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