Incredible footage of a python effortlessly climbing a tree shocks viewers with speed and agility

Fascinating footage of a gigantic carpet python effortlessly climbing a tree has gone viral online. 

Professional snake handler Reid Newell was called to remove the 2.2-metre snake after it was spotted behind a lawnmower at a property in Victoria Point, Queensland

The wrangler, from Snake Catchers Brisbane and Gold Coast, said the snake was ‘pretty calm’ as he moved it from the shed to nearby bushland and filmed its release.

Mr Newell said the python slithered past a few trees before choosing one to climb. 

He revealed pythons like to be elevated to bask in the sun as well as to avoid predators on the ground. 

Footage of the snake using its muscly scales to push itself up the tall tree with impressive speed quickly racked up tens of thousands of views on Facebook.

‘Don’t tell me snakes can’t climb trees. Not a safe place to hide from a snake,’ one viewer wrote.

This carpet python was described by professional snake handler as 'average' size at 2.2 metres

This carpet python was described by professional snake handler as 'average' size at 2.2 metres

This carpet python was described by professional snake handler as ‘average’ size at 2.2 metres

Another speculated why the python climbed the tree in the first place. 

‘What’s up the tree, food or safety?’

Carpet pythons kill by constricting, suffocating and then devouring their prey and are not venomous. 

They are typically found in backyards in suburban Queensland, but are shy and rarely attack humans unless provoked.

Many viewers were impressed by the speed and agility of the climbing python

Many viewers were impressed by the speed and agility of the climbing python

Many viewers were impressed by the speed and agility of the climbing python


Snakes climb trees to escape predators on land and to hunt prey

To climb trees snakes push on tree bark using their scales and muscles 

By using an extra strong grip snakes decrease their chances of falling and being exposed to predators

Source: National Geographic 




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