John Cracknell, 48, is ENGAGED in order to girlfriend of 17 months Michael jordan Connell, 35

James Cracknell has revealed your canine is engaged to his girlfriend pointing to 17 months, Jordan Connell.

The  rowing champion, 34, who met the American lender, 35, when he studied at Cambridge University in 2018, confirmed some couple are set to wed within an announcement in The Times.

Father-of-three James’ exciting news draws nearly two years after he share from presenter Beverley Turner proper 17 years of marriage.  

The TV host, 47, petitioned for their divorce in March 2019 on the grounds of unreasonable behaviour, which your man did not oppose.  

Wedding bells: James Cracknell has revealed he's engaged to his girlfriend of 17 months, Jordan Connell (pictured in 2019)

Wedding bells: James Cracknell has revealed he's engaged to his girlfriend of 17 months, Jordan Connell (pictured in 2019)

Wedding bells:   James Cracknell has revealed she’s engaged to his girlfriend as to 17 months, Jordan Connell (pictured in 2019)

The Olympian’s new fiancée, the person believed to split her time between Camden london and the US, spent 12 months looking through for an MBA at the prestigious as well as college before returning to her native associated with New York.  

Beverley and James split after a trying to find year struggle following a crippling the brain injury, which saw him bumped off his bike by the mentorship mirror of a petrol tanker with regard to Arizona.  

I would say the broadcaster nursed the sportsman for you to health after he was left food coma and sustained damage to the part of the brain that governs memory, feeling, and speech.

Many went their separate ways nine years old months after James moved to Cambridge and Beverley felt he was abandoning the family.  

Former spouse: Father-of-three James' exciting news comes nearly two years after he split from presenter Beverley Turner following 17 years of marriage (pictured in 2016)

Former spouse: Father-of-three James' exciting news comes nearly two years after he split from presenter Beverley Turner following 17 years of marriage (pictured in 2016)

Former spouse:   Father-of-three James’ exciting news comes impacts two years after he split at presenter Beverley Turner following eighteen years of marriage (pictured in 2016)

The person later claimed the ‘complex’ broken relationships was ‘a long time coming’ associated with was nothing to do with the Cruiser Race or the 2010 brain issue that almost killed him.  

The media nature told  the Daily Telegraph at the moment: ‘It wasn’t going to university in addition competing in the Boat Race regarding ended the marriage. And it wasn’t even accident, although our marriage came dealt a bad hand with that.  

‘As anybody which married or has been married can assertain, break-ups are far more complex than everyone else [outside the marriage] literally knows.

‘There’s such a perception that I’ve left my in laws to go off to Cambridge, selfishly, but that’s a little exaggerated. Are made, yes, it may seem selfish, it also versions the bills. ‘


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