Typer Bachelor contestant Sophie Tieman tells her engagement to beau Person

Former Bachelor’s contestant Sophie Tieman has published her engagement to her low-profile sweetheart Joe.  

Within a post shared to her Instagram during Sunday, the reality star showed off the lady sparkler as she looked adoringly into her fiancé’s eyes.    

‘I surveillance with my little eye… The new yes to forever, ‘ the wife captioned the smitten photo.    

Former Bachelor contestant Sophie Tieman has announced her protocole to beau Joe

The joy was evident in relation to Sophie’s face as she gently placed her engagement hand on the side over her handsome other half’s front.        

Sophie and Joe commenced to dating in March 2019, identified kept their relationship under gloves since.  

Plus earlier in 2018, Sophie achieved it to the final two on Nick Cummin’s season of The Bachelor associated with Brittany Hockley.


Shortly after the final shown she  told Daily Mail Immigovau that she was open to fronting the next season of The Bachelorette.  

‘I would definitely weigh being the next Bachelorette, ‘ he said at the time.    

However , just months the future Sophie confirmed on Instagram whom she was dating Joe and as well was ‘happy’.  

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