Heathrow expansion is ‘a fait accompli’, airport’s chief executive says

Heathrow expansion is ‘a fait accompli’ and will be a ‘critical part of any new prime minister’s agenda’, the airport’s chief executive John Holland-Kaye has said.

Asked if he believes Boris Johnson could be persuaded that a third runway should be built, he said: ‘It’s actually a fait accompli now.

‘The vote in Parliament with nearly a four-to-one majority means this is now happening.

‘The judicial review process was a resounding success for the Department for Transport at the first stage, so this is now a reality and things have moved on.

‘We’re now making it happen. There are jobs now that we have created up and down the country that would be at risk if anything else was to happen, and hundreds of thousands more that we’ll create as we expand.

‘So I don’t think any prime minister would not want to see the benefits that come with Heathrow expansion.’

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