Hypnotist puts frequent flyers into trance and convinces them that they have NEVER been on a plane

Most of us have had the terror and nerves of going up in the air for our first flight -but one group of frequent fliers had the first-time nerves for a second time.

In a video, they are appear to be put in to a trance by hypnotist Aaron Calvert, before being taken on a flight to experience those nerves again.

Members of the group then express amazement during the flight, with one saying, ‘it just pins you back in your seat.’  

Frequent fliers 

Frequent fliers 

A group of frequent fliers are put into a trance by TV hypnotist Aaron Calvert, who then convinces them that they have never flown before. They are then amazed by their ‘first’ flight. Healthcare assistant Jo, 47, (left) says in the video: ‘It is absolutely amazing, I don’t know why I have not done it before’ 

The footage first shows Calvert hypnotising the volunteers, with one woman’s head instantly drooping and her eyes closing as Calvert clicks his fingers.

He explains, ‘today is the first time you will ever set foot in an airport.’ 

Nursery Manager Jade, 29, then introduces herself and says excitedly, ‘I’m 29 and this is my first time flying’, even though she flies eight times a year.    

Others also express their nerves ahead of the flight, with photographer James, 36, who flies 18 times a year, saying: ‘I’m a bit overwhelmed to be honest.’ 

The group are then shown during the flight grinning and looking in wonder out of the window.

Describing the take-off, a wide-eyed Murray says: ‘At one point, I was like, “it is not going to take off”, and then it just started gliding. It was incredible.’ 

Healthcare assistant Jo, 47, grins and says, ‘I could not stop looking out of that window. It is absolutely amazing, I don’t know why I have not done it before. 

The group are even amazed at the in-flight service, as they are served their lunch.  

But their excitement shifts to fear during landing, as Lee, 30, puts his head in his hand and cries, ‘oh my God, what is going on.’  

Once they have landed, James tells the pilot that the flight was ‘absolutely incredible’ as he firmly shakes his hand.  

But with their feet back on the ground, Calvert brings them out of their trance, reminding them that they fly frequently.  

Jo says: ‘It is a lot more enjoyable than in the past [it is usually] just mundane.’ 

James adds: ‘It has made me realise how incredible flying is. It has made me fall back in love with it again.  

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