Alessandra Giordo, is a 24 years old originally from Sardinia.

Alessandra Giordo, is a 24 years old originally from Sardinia. It was noticed years ago by Antonio Cassaro, a famous professional photographer and later by other professionals in the province who introduced her to the world of photography and fashion shows.
Following in the footsteps of her father, she studied navigation and matime sciences, she moved to Miami where she started working as a deck officer for Carnival Cruise Lines, the biggest cruise ships company. In Los Angeles she started to collaborate with Fashion Nova, a Californian clothing company with over 14 million followers on Instagram. She has a big passion for the gym, and was also noticed in England by My Protein, Cocoa Locks, Skinny Coffee Club, vitamin companies and sports integration. Then Glass Onion, an innovative Italian cosmetics company, and Bee Bad, the first Italian company based on natural ingredients based on natural ingredients, and Hera X Hero, sportswear owned by Mr Olympia champion Jeremy Buendia.
She speaks five languages ​​fluently, and has been classified as one of the youngest deck officers in Europe. It has over twenty licenses and professional courses, has been in 33 countries in the last four years. She is studying to become a helicopter pilot on board of luxury yachts, she is passionate about weapons and in her free time she goes to the shooting range, in the future she would like to open a gym and dedicate herself to the bodybuilding industry.
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