A to Z of fabulous gifts: FEMAIL picks out this year’s best Christmas present ideas for under £5

A… is for avocados 

Avocado keeper

Treat the millennial or clean eater in your life to this neat acrylic storage box — it helps cut avocados last for longer.


£5 Shop

B… is for bath bombs

Bath bomb  

Bubble baths have come a long way, and Lush has one of the biggest range of bath bombs around. This one is a fast fizzer called Comfort Blanket, and features blackcurrant as well as bergamot and cypress oils.


£3.95 Shop

C… is for chocaholics 

Giant chocolate coin

An edible stocking filler that won’t cost a mint! This supersized Belgian milk chocolate coin weighs 90g, and tastes great!


£3 Shop

D… is for dinner party games

After-dinner bingo

Enjoy all the fun of the bingo hall with this set. Complete with everything you’ll need to keep any bingo fans happy. 


£3 Shop

E… is for eco-warriors  

Coffee cup

Say goodbye to throwaway coffee cups! This stylish cup will cut down on plastic waste while keeping your drink piping hot, too. 


£3 Shop

G… is for gin lovers 

Ping for gin bell 

This kitsch pink bell will be a real tonic for gin drinkers who barely have to lift a finger to get a drink. But make sure you don’t end up as their personal butler.


£5 Shop

H… is for history buffs

Rex London prehistoric land dinosaur puzzle

Bone up on prehistoric history with this fun Tyrannosaurus Rex 3D wooden jigsaw. 


£4.95 Shop

J… is for Japanese origami 

Animal Origami Kit

Discover the art of origami by following illustrated instructions to fold paper into clever creatures that include an elephant, mouse, fox, horse, frog and pig. 


£4.99 Shop

K… is for keeping time 


Clock a load of this — a wristwatch for a fiver! The website has a wide range of designs, from dressy to more sporty looking options for you to choose from — and we think they deserve a big hand! 


£5 Shop

L… is for love 


Show your soft side by stuffing this cushion in a loved one’s stocking — it might be a fight but it’s a chic way to spruce up a sofa! 


£1.75 Shop

M… is for movie night  

Popcorn holder 

Settle down on Boxing Day with a classic film and enjoy popcorn in this classic stripey tub, and bring the cinema to your home. And it’s reusable . . . ready for any sequels. 


£1.95 Shop

N… is for nails on the go 

Tweexy wearable nail varnish holder


This nifty holder keeps your polish secure as you paint your nails — always a fiddly job. Manicures made easy.


£4.75 Shop

O… if for an organised 2019 


Prepare for the year ahead with this floral two-year diary. It’s small enough for your handbag, yet big enough to hold all of your exciting plans for 2019 and beyond . . .


£4.99 Shop

P… is for puzzles 

Matchbox puzzles

Fiddly and fun, these traditional wooden and metal puzzles are a perfect way to keep the mind ticking over. There are 15 different puzzles to play with. So there are enough to get the whole family playing quietly for hours on Christmas Day — and they will show who the real bright sparks are! 


£3.95 Shop

R… is for relax 

Body massager

Whoever gets this cute cat-shaped massager will be feline fine after kneading away those knots. Far cheaper than a professional massage. 


£3 Shop

S… if for saving the bees 

Pollinator Beebom Seedbom

Drop the Seedbom, which contains wildflower seeds, into soil and watch them grow into beautiful nectar- producing flowers bees love. Ten per cent of profits go to M the Bumble Bee Conservation Trust. 


£3.95  Shop

T… is for travel kits 

Sewing kit

Feel hip on any trip with this half-price kit that’s less than 7cm x 7cm. It contains scissors, needles, thread, buttons and poppers . . . great for a friend who travels a lot. 


£5 Shop

U… if for umbrella 

Child’s umbrella

They’ll be hoping for snow, no doubt, but this child’s umbrella will brighten up those rainy days, all year round.


£3.99 Shop

V… is for vegan living  

The Little Book of Veganism

Did someone have too much turkey? Perhaps this book of tips and advice on the vegan lifestyle might provide food for thought? 


£4.99 Shop

W… is for whoopee cushion 

Whoopee cushion

Calling practical jokers of all ages! The whoopee cushion is an oldie, but it is also a goodie that’s almost guaranteed to keep everyone laughing this Christmas.


£3.25 Shop

X… is for xylophone 

Children’s xylophone

Unleash your child’s inner, er, Mozart with this rainbow-inspired instrument (bonus: it’s quieter and smaller than a drum kit!) 


£4.49 Shop

Y… is for yoga bunny  

USA Pro sports bra 

Taking up yoga is a common New Year’s resolution, and this is perfect for all kinds of sporty activities — so why not stand out from the crowd in trendy gymwear like this. Namaste! 


£4 Shop

Z… is for zzzzz! 

Sleep mask

Whether it’s a long-haul flight or an afternoon nap, a sleep mask is a necessity . . . and counting festive unicorns is a fun variation of counting sheep. 


£5 Shop


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