Jamie Vardy retires from worldwide soccer with England

Leicester ahead Vardy, 31, has not fully dominated out taking part in for England once more within the occasion of an damage disaster however believes the time is correct to maneuver again from worldwide obligation. Link

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  1. could the evnt have not been toned down and maybe turned into an event for charity/police/firemen/nurses etc or heaven forbid our soldiers, after all they all do a job that allows the bankers to do their job in relative safety. the worse they can get is a papercut, whereby all the jobs I Hhave mentioned all run the risk of an assault or worse not coming home at all. this is no different to the greed culture started by thatcher in the 80’s and as most of the young execs from that era will probably be fat managers now it will take another generation to turn things around again…lets face it we have fat cat mp’s looking after fat cat bankers, neither have the moral high ground to throw sanction the other

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