Man virtually goes blind after he was contaminated with roundworm parasite from consuming uncooked rooster sushi

A 34-year-old man who ate uncooked rooster sushi turned contaminated with a parasite which may have despatched him blind.  

The Japanese man, who was in any other case wholesome, developed growths in his lungs and liver due to the parasite.

He contracted the an infection from consuming rooster sashimi – a kind of sushi wherein the meat is simply seared spherical the sides, not cooked – a report revealed. 

After going to hospital complaining of getting abdomen pains for 10 days, docs carried out checks on the person with the intention to diagnose him with toxocariasis.

The uncommon an infection, attributable to roundworm parasites and which has the potential to trigger blindness, was handled with medication and the person made a full restoration. 

Chicken sashimi is a sushi dish in which slices of chicken are only seared around the edges and not cooked through but it carries a risk of transmitting parasites, as in the case of this unnamed Japanese man

Chicken sashimi is a sushi dish in which slices of chicken are only seared around the edges and not cooked through but it carries a risk of transmitting parasites, as in the case of this unnamed Japanese man

Hen sashimi is a sushi dish wherein slices of rooster are solely seared across the edges and never cooked by means of however it carries a danger of transmitting parasites, as within the case of this unnamed Japanese man

The unnamed man visited docs on the Saiseikai Fukuoka Common Hospital, roughly 93 miles north-east of Nagasaki on Japan’s southern Kyushu island.

He had been affected by ache in his stomach and stated he had eaten seared rooster sashimi ‘a number of instances’, based on BMJ Case Reports

Scans revealed clumps of cells known as nodules within the man’s chest and his liver, whereas blood checks confirmed a excessive degree of white blood cells, suggesting an an infection.

Docs recognized a uncommon roundworm an infection 

Docs managed to diagnose the person with toxocariasis, a uncommon roundworm an infection which people can catch from contaminated animal faeces or meat.

The parasites may cause fever, stomach ache, anorexia, and even blindness in the event that they infect the eyes.  

Luckily the person’s an infection was simply handled. 

The person recovered after remedy with medication 

The report authors wrote: ‘After remedy with albendazole, his signs improved and the [lung] and liver lesions disappeared.’

Sashimi is a well-liked Japanese delicacy which consists of contemporary meat which is served raw – fish is commonest however different meats are additionally used.

Though fish may be eaten uncooked and uncommon beef steak is well-liked, uncooked rooster is normally thought-about to be harmful as a result of it’s prone to comprise salmonella, a micro organism which causes disagreeable and probably life-threatening meals poisoning. 

In addition to salmonella uncooked meat has the potential to comprise numerous parasites, together with the roundworm which causes toxocariasis.  


Toxocariasis an infection is uncommon in individuals however may cause fever, fatigue, weight reduction, respiratory difficulties, seizures or imaginative and prescient issues and even blindness.

People can grow to be contaminated if the parasite’s eggs get contained in the physique after contact with soil, sand or animal meat or faeces which comprise them.

The eggs then transfer into the bowel earlier than hatching and releasing larvae which may journey across the physique, however they can’t turn into totally grown parasites or unfold between individuals. 

To stop the an infection the NHS recommends washing palms with cleaning soap and heat water after dealing with pets or coming into contact with sand or soil.

Pet cats and canines must also be usually de-wormed and their faeces needs to be disposed of instantly. 

Supply: NHS Selections

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