The weird 1977 ‘wine and eggs’ weight-reduction plan that promised Vogue readers a drop of 5 kilos in three days

A day by day bottle of wine, paired with three hard-boiled eggs, does not sound just like the optimum technique to lose weight.

However open a duplicate of Vogue in November 1977, and that’s precisely the recommendation you will discover.

The ‘wine and eggs’ weight-reduction plan, first made standard within the 1962 e-book Intercourse And The Single Lady, is a three-day plan that guarantees a weight lack of as much as 5 kilos and for ladies to really feel ‘horny, exuberant and stuffed with the joie de vivre’.

The e-book, written by future editor of Cosmopolitan Helen Gurley Brown, supplied ladies recommendation on tips on how to stretch their cash in relation to consuming and adorning, tips on how to eat nicely, and inspired them to have intercourse earlier than marriage.

For breakfast it is one hard-boiled egg and a glass of white wine, for lunch it is two extra eggs and two extra glasses, and for dinner it is a steak and the remainder of the bottle – with a cup of black espresso accompanying every meal. 

Three nutritionists instructed Each day Mail On-line that the rigidness and lack of energy within the weight-reduction plan not solely results in dehydration however, as soon as followers return to consuming usually, they’ll achieve again any weight they misplaced.

Three nutritionists explained to Daily Mail Online why consuming three hard-boiled eggs, one five-ounce steak and one bottle of white wine every day for three days as part of a crash diet is not sustainable 

Three nutritionists explained to Daily Mail Online why consuming three hard-boiled eggs, one five-ounce steak and one bottle of white wine every day for three days as part of a crash diet is not sustainable 

Three nutritionists defined to Each day Mail On-line why consuming three hard-boiled eggs, one five-ounce steak and one bottle of white wine each day for 3 days as a part of a crash weight-reduction plan is just not sustainable 

Within the authentic weight-reduction plan in featured Intercourse and the Single Lady, Gurley Brown promised her readers that they’d drop six kilos in two days.

However nutritionists say that is solely as a result of followers are consuming lower than 1,200 energy a day and eliminating a quantity of meals teams that provident important vitamins.

‘There isn’t any dairy, and no vegatables and fruits so that you’re lacking quite a lot of nutritional vitamins and vitamins you get from contemporary produce in addition to wholesome antioxidants,’ Lara Metz, founding father of Lara Metz Nutrition in New York, instructed Each day Mail On-line. 

Tammy Lakatos Shames, of the Nutrition Twins in New York, stated the dearth of fiber can be regarding.

‘You are not consuming fruits or greens or bread so you are lacking out on fiber, which implies you will possible be constipated and will not be capable of go to the toilet,’ she instructed Each day Mail On-line.

‘There’s additionally no water to push something via and clear your digestive tract.’

The nutritionists all agreed that eggs are a wholesome supply of protein and of vitamins reminiscent of choline and vitamin D.


Size: Three days

Declare of weight reduction: 5 kilos


  • One exhausting boiled egg
  • One glass of white wine
  • Black espresso 


  • Two hard-boiled eggs (poached, if needed)
  • Two glasses of white wine
  • Black espresso 


  • 5-ounce steak grilled with black pepper and lemon juice
  • The rest of the white wine (one bottle allowed per day)
  • Black espresso 

However Lakatos Shames says that for shoppers who’re affected by excessive ldl cholesterol, she recommends not more than 4 eggs in a single week.

‘With this weight-reduction plan, you are virtually consuming 4 in at some point and, with the steak, that is a supply of saturated fats that might clog the arteries, so it’s a must to watch out,’ she stated.

The variety of glasses of wine per day – or on this case, bottles – additionally introduced an issue to the nutritionists.  

‘I am unable to even offer you a single advantage of ingesting a complete bottle of wine a day,’ stated Metz.

Lakatos Shames says that she recommends no a couple of to one-and-a-half glasses per day for ladies and not more than two for males.

‘There are advantages and wine could be a part of a nutritious diet however, when you could have greater than the really helpful variety of glasses, all the advantages are outweighed by all of the adverse results,’ she stated.

Some adverse results may embody alcohol dependency, weight achieve and an elevated threat of liver illness. 

Lakatos Shames additionally provides that it is pink wine – not white wine – that accommodates an antioxidant generally known as resveratrol.

Present in grape pores and skin, resveratrol has been discovered to cut back the chance of most cancers and coronary heart illness in addition to suppress irritation and blood clots. 

For the five-ounce steak really helpful at dinner, Metz says that it may be a part of a nutritious diet however she likes to restrict it to an choice that is had a few times per week.  

Whereas pink meats are excessive in protein and iron, they may also be excessive in saturated fats, which raises blood ldl cholesterol.

Excessive ranges of LDL ldl cholesterol enhance the chance of coronary heart illness. The American Institute for Most cancers Analysis suggests avoiding processed meat and limiting pink meat to not more than 18 ounces per week.  

‘There are higher choices on the market like heart-healthy fish, hen, or additionally beans for those who’re a vegetarian,’ Metz stated.

Beth Warren, a registered dietitian and head of Beth Warren Nutrition in Brooklyn, New York, instructed Each day Mail On-line that the black espresso was one of many few saving graces of the weight-reduction plan.

She pointed to research which have proven the well being advantages of espresso together with that it helps to burn fats, reduces the chance of melancholy and lowers your a number of sclerosis threat.

‘It is solely when somebody begind to really feel shaky or has hypertension that they could need to restrict their caffeine,’ Warren stated.

‘My concern could be that somebody runs the chance of dehydration as a result of they’re solely ingesting wine and low – each of that are diuretics.’

The nutritionists had been in settlement that the weight-reduction plan is just not sustainable and that any weight reduction will possible be put again on.

‘Individuals will comply with the weight-reduction plan and shed some pounds as a result of they’re on a closely restricted caloric consumption not due to the meals they’re consuming,’ stated Warren.

‘There isn’t any query that they’ll achieve again all the load they misplaced. In three days you are primarily dropping water weight. It is not an ample period of time to lose fats.’  

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